The full-body massage

Tension, muscular strain, badly pulled muscles?

The full-body massage loosens blockades in the body. Particularly affected parts of the body are targeted for treatment. The result: a relaxed body – mental well-being.

A full body massage where body’s meridian is manipulated through a combination of various massage techniques. Specific techniques Acupressure, aromatherapy massage and reflexology all are used by the masseur in it to treat emotional and physical problems.

The client feels heavily satisfied after the massage very therapy. It is intense and effective in reaching into tense and over-worked muscles deeply and results in relaxing them.

Full body massage is helpful is extremely beneficial to those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, and have back pain.


The full-body massage30 Minutes38,00 €
The full-body massage60 Minutes67,00 €
The full-body massage90 Minutes95,00 €
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