Magic, sensuous contact

The current trend: rediscovering the pleasures of the body with

Bodywork Massage

Gentle light, relaxing music and tender hands accompany you on a distant journey into the perception of your own body. It leads from the discovery of deeper layers of feelings to an energy-loaded harmony created by love and security.

Applied regularly, it supports the spirit and senses, opens higher realization – and also sexual sensitivity.

With gentle light, and quiet relaxing music, I first slowly put my warm hands on your naked body. Stroking with a feather and also the gentle almond oil massage brings you to detached peace. You leave everyday life behind you and feel warmth, love, and security.

The goal is to rediscover and harmonize the life energy in the body.

Everyone is welcome-just as you are!
Even if the genitalia are aroused, tantra-style massage nevertheless places more importance on the enrichment and deepening of the fine sexual perception.


Bodywork-Massage60 Minutes98,00 €
Bodywork-Massage90 Minutes135,00 €
Bodywork-Massage120 Minutes168,00 €
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