A massage with a NEW twist…

Would you like to try something DIFFERENT and EXCITING?

Choose what YOU want!

Massage in stainless steel cuffs, both hand or foot cuffs are both optional!

Massage in a leather harness or a leather collar with your hands tied behind your back

NEW Now available: Massage on a spanking board with comfortable headrest 


New Foil wrapping … wrapping of the whole body with an elastic building foil1

NEW Selection of stainless steel clips, Ratchet Style Jennings Mouth Gag with Strap, Big Johnny Prostate Stimulator, Just Another Mouth HOLE Gag, New Mouthgag serving ashtray / garbage cup / drinking cup …

Cane, Paddle with pimples, deerskin whip, divers cock rings ..

Naughty, Pincher Nipple Clamp, Ultimate Anal Harness, Tom’s Pleasure Stick, Candy Stick Penis Plug, Steel Hole Expander, hand/ testicle pranger for Men, Silentium Tongue Gag – Lip Gag,, Alpha Male Hyper Power Massager …


CBT Ball Crusher with Spikes

nipple presses deluxe

Toilet Paper Attachment, Humalitor Gag

Stick paddle powerfull – Paddle Premium

Watersport Strap  -On Gag Yelllow

Milk OXB Bone Gag with Tongue


Sock & Jock Gag

Inflatable gag

Inflatable Butt Plug Dildo

Bog Tweezer Nipple Clamps – Size variable

DeLuxe Nip Stix

New Calf to Thigh Restraint Leather

Also available: Black blindfold, mouth-gag,  personal massagers…

Coming Soon in the upcoming week:

– Lashing straps

– Leather Maske Deluxe Deprivationn

and much more …



You are not forced to do anything during this massage. You can always say the safe word  ‘Stop’.  Before we start there is a short conversation about the procedure of the Bondage Massage.



NEW Massage FANTASYPrice
50 Min106 Euro
80 min 148 Euro
110 min188 Euro
4 Electro-Stimulation Pads+16 Euro
8 Electro-Stimulation Pads+32 Euro
Films building+12 Euro
Waxing+35 Euro
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